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FotoKilof - GUI for ImageMagick

GUI for the most used (by me) ImageMagick functionality for processing pictures.




Linux dark mode



Screenshot Windows

macOS compose

Screenshot Windows

Graphics conversion

  • scaling/resize,
  • crop,
  • text annotation, inside or outside of picture (mems generator),
  • border around picture,
  • rotation,
  • mirroring (vertical or horizontal)
  • black-white or sepia,
  • contrast increase/decrease or normalize or histogram stretching,
  • color auto-level or equalize,
  • vignette
  • adding logo image on picture,
  • compose two image in one picture
  • file formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, SVG
  • format conversion into JPG, PNG, TIFF.


  • processing JPG, PNG, SVG and TIFF images,
  • processing picture in the fly, originals are safe,
  • processing single file or whole directory,
  • take screenshot (Linux) or get picture from clipboard (Windows and MacOS) and use it as source picture,
  • after processing results is copied into clipboard (Windows),
  • display selected tools,
  • tools selection,
  • preview orignal and result,
  • predefined rotation: 90, 180 and 270 degree or custom,
  • crop selection via click on preview or coordinates,
  • crop coordinates:
    • two corners (upper left and lower right),
    • upper left corner and width plus height,
    • gravity, width plus height plus offset,
  • text: color, font and size selection, background, rotation,
  • text position:
    • outside: bottom, left/center/right
    • inside: by gravity or by position and rotate
  • customized sepia,
  • equalize by channel,
  • contrast between -5 and +5,
  • customized contrast stretching,
  • vignette:
    • can be sharp or blured,
    • corners can be filled by selected color,
    • offset in both direction
  • logo position by gravity, size and offset,
  • compose:
    • add picture on right side
    • add picture on bottom
    • autoresize picture
    • fill color if no autoresize
  • fast file navigation: First, Prev, Next, Last or keys: Home, PgUp, PgDn, End,
  • command editor: possible to use ImageMagick commands for convert: eg. -gaussian-blur 10x10 or -monochrome, etc.
  • dark and light mode


Is possible to run one conversion or all selected conversion. Processing order for all selected conversion:

  • crop,
  • mirror,
  • black-white/sepia,
  • contrast,
  • color normalize,
  • vignette,
  • rotate,
  • border,
  • resize,
  • text,
  • logo.

Processed is always on clone of picture in memory. Originals are not touched.

User manual, a bit outdated

Available translations

Available: Bulgarian, English, German, Indonesian, Polish and Turkish.

Install and run


  • Windows, Linux, MacOS X, BSD,
  • FullHD screen for comfort work,
  • ImageMagick, remember to add path into %PATH% environment variable, enable install libraries!
  • Python3.9+, remember to add path into %PATH% environment variable.



Install requirements:

apt-get install python3-pip python3-tk python3-wand imagemagick

Install as PyPi package by PIP:

python3 -m pip install fotokilof


Download and install requirements:

  • Python3.9+ - add path into %PATH% environment variable,
  • ImageMagick - add path into %PATH% environment variable, enable install libraries!
python -m pip install pywin32 fotokilof


Install requirements:

brew install imagemagick python@3.11 python-tk@3.11

Install as PyPi package by PIP:

python3 -m pip install fotokilof


FotoKilof is available via ports


python3 -m pip install --upgrade fotokilof




python -m fotokilof

Dark or Light mode

Press F2 to toggle from Light to Dark or opposite.


  • Friends - some ideas and testing,
  • Max von Forell - German translation,
  • Bozhidar Kirev - Bulgarian translation,
  • Alexander Ignatov - Bulgarian translation,
  • Afif Hendrawan - Indonesian translation,
  • Sebastian Hiebl - python packaging,
  • Matt Sephton - ideas for packing gui,
  • emsspree - update german translation, jpeg,
  • Olm - testing on Windows,
  • Carbene Hu - idea to fix issue
  • Mert Cobanov - Turkish translation
  • Giancarlo Dessì - Italian translation, Slackware package
  • Danny (dchenz) - logging in proper way

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